Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District, situated at the center and south of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is famous for its Muritz National Park, lakes and swamps, and wildlife. There are many cities, towns, and villages in this district. For adventure seekers, the whole district is said to be a perfect place to roam around. Water sports, wildlife tour, lake sightseeing, trekking, and all other fun and exciting activities can be enjoyed by everyone including tourists in this district at the region of Brandenburg and a popular holiday destination.

There is a lake that is known to be the largest coherent lake and canal region in Germany. This lake is also called “the land of a thousand lakes”. Nature parks and lakes attracts every visitor whenever they have a tour around the district. The lakes around the region are with a unique flora and fauna. The biggest lake in Germany is the Muritz Lake. Other lakes include the Tollensesee, Kolpinsee, Plauer See, and the Fleesensee. There are also known to be important towns in the region.

These towns include Neustrelitz, Plau am See, Waren, Neubrandenburg, and more. The Mecklenburg Lake District is also known as the Mecklenburg-Brandenburg Lake District. This district was actually formed thousands of years ago from the glacial meltwater valleys and sandar of the last ice age. The lakeland is also divided. For example, the Feldberg Lake District Nature Park is located in the town of Feldburg Lake District. It has a river called Havel. For the Rheinsberg Lake Region, its town is Rheinsberg and it has a river called Rhin.